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US Individual Tax Services 

For US people living abroad, the obligation to file your US income tax return does not end regardless of the fact that you may be reporting and paying tax in your country of residence. We provide US tax services to US citizens or green card holders living in the UK as well as UK persons with US tax filing obligations.


Our dually qualified US-UK-based advisors are experienced professionals specializing in the interaction of US and UK taxes. 


Our US tax clients include: 

  • US citizens and green card holders residing in the UK

  • UK nationals living in the US

  • UK taxpayers with US real estate interests or investments 

  • Visa holders who are living and working in the US 

  • Persons on short-term domestic or international assignments 

  • Delinquent US taxpayers requiring assistance with late-filed tax returns with the IRS 


Our services include completing and filing US federal and state tax returns, preparing US tax estimates, and providing year-round tax planning to minimize or defer US income tax liabilities. Our team of professionals can also assist with determining eligibility for and preparing disclosure program submissions with the IRS and Department of Treasury. 

US Individual Tax Services
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